#65 Meanderings to weir we duth knot k’no !! Aaaarrrggh !!! April/May 2019

Monday 1st April 2019      This be t’day Bart World 2019 really powers’up…… Hath bean a moistly soggy morn, but now be mid aft’noon n’ sun trying t’ break thru. Pinkies crossed. Hear !  We  !!   GO  !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!     Lister’s chuggen……  Lines slipped. To stern, escaping confines ov t’ pontoons. Soo many ov ’em !!


Bart swings roand & forrard we glide, oat o’ t’arbour. Ciao fore niao boatly chumlies a’plenty! Arrivederci NKM !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!   Swishing t’port we float calmly bye North Kilworth Wharf bee’fore opening olde Lister up a tittle moor. Int’ thee Darkness we eventfully fall. Descending fore o’er a quart d’er.


Squirting oat t’ (bottomly) bum o’ moor dan just a tittle dingy’ness t’ light duth bath we in lustral brilliance. Although, tiz a might drizzlings niao.


Soonly creaping under d’ cows coming ‘ohm. Knot  muchly slater, craft n crue bring a slowing ‘Halt’ to proceedings. Int’ shadow o’ our fave pipe bridge.


complete with extra maties. Floated ear a few occasions we ‘av maties. Aye !  Aye !!  Cap’n Black Bart !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!   Hath bean won ‘eck ov a longly ty’ring salt o’ day. Zzzzzzzzzzz……….

Tuesday 2nd April      An almoistly Glorious day o’ staticness shall be enjoyed buy Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!   &   ‘is crue o’ ragamuffinly fear’sum pyrates !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

Wednesday 3rd April      We is be considerings hour options………  two stay shall we indeed.

Thursday 4th April      Thus, thyme t’ move hath come upon us. Bart duth waken up. Lister creeps oat a’slumber. Olde’ prop & bestest chumlies fall oat a bed. N crew finally slide down from ‘ammocks. With Lister’s two hearts (just like a Thyme Lord) ‘thumping’ gentile like, lines Aaaarrrggh !!! slipped. Newage (lovely name fore olde’ g’box) gently clunks int’forrard and A’whey !  We !!  Go !!!  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!     All t’wey two Lubbenham triangular (knot like Thee Bermuda trio sided object we must note) our Bart swims most beautifully.

Friday 5th April      In knead o’ rest aft dat rea’diculous voyage four a Thursday. But oh k’now !  Cap’n Black Bart shore duth crack t’whip.  “Weigh anchor” he cries. no tears this thyme. “Aye !  Aye !!   Cap’n  !!!   Aaaarrrggh  !!!  !!! ”    Nuther Loonnngggg crews o’ wimmings from Lubenham triangular, cutting many a stretched oat furlong oar too thrue l’aqua moisturepath leading hour floating vehicular t’dizzy heights o’Foxton’s extremely soggely rocky waterfalls. Skip back’s up a tittle. Don’t want tabee two close ta’edge. Quite lite headed !  Could become quite sicky in tummlies n throats. Moist unpleasantly taughts !!


Saturday 6th April     So RoxyChicKnits hath ‘set up shop’.


Trading will hour resident crafty expertise bee. And shirtenly duz. A positive few ‘ers in’deed !

Sunday 7th April      Shall possibly receive damp toes today. Mayhaps e’en moor Dan just tittle pinkies. Aft early (fa’ay weekday let a’loan a Blooming Sunday ov all daize) aquastop tiz thyme t’get hour toes damp. Mayhaps e’en moor than just a few pinkies could receive the mildly moist treatment. Feeling a bit Whizzy Dizzies niao. Starboard ‘ear looking down at five long deep waterfalling chambers stretching oat immediately below us. Queazey  squeezey Aaaarrrggh !!!  we. ‘aven’t ‘ad any grog eaver. Too early, e’en fore we pyrates Aaaarrrggh !!!   Aft pental descentings their only bee a teeny weeny break bee’fore an’udder cinque d’aquelevators swishes craft n crue yet father down. Bigly lowerings they weir. In less than an our we ‘av floated down 75 feet worth o’toze !!  Incredibles  !!!   Anchored prior t’ nine thirty, n its knot e’en getting dark yet.

P1040214RCK open four business agin. Now we a’waiter d’ wakens up o’ punters. Tiz still early for most personages. Nuther Good trading’s. Fabulous !!   Slater. Their be injuns coming o’er t’ill. Pillaging n plundering Cap’n Black Bart’s Aaaarrrggh  barrels o’grogging rum. Scoundrels !  Rogues  !!   Reprobates  !!!   All five of ’em.

Monday 8th April      Much a’day o’fives t’weir yesterday. Just kept on a’coming. Knead t’escape dis shadowy lagoon. Lister & chums combine (‘arvester)


in propulsing our Bart bye delightful countryside, gliding almoist effortlessly along thee Arm d’ Market Harborough. Gradual progress makes us arrive sum thyme later than when said wanderings commenced. Aft a slumberly lie in, ov coarse. Specially aft yesterday’s crazy departurings !!

The Market Harborough ‘Arm’ should ne’er ‘av bean just sum kind o’ almoist forgotten apendage. In 1793 the original concept was for a canal connecting Leicester with Northampton, finally linking up with the Grand Junction Canal near Northampton. Built to broad beam dimensions, the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire Union Canal had stretched South from Leicester, reaching the village of Debdale when financial problems prevented progress for over a decade. When construction did finally continue the canal evolved, flowing by the village of Foxton and successfully onto Market Harborough by 1809. Unfortunately work never progressed further South towards the intended destination of Northampton as the money had run out again. Knot longer aft,  a cheaper narrow beam link to the Grand Union was constructed between Foxton and Norton, with mammoth watery lock rises/descendings at Foxton and Watford, with a twenty three mile pound between the two lock flights. The Leicester line was opened in 1814. Later intentions to fund widening Watford and Foxton lock flights to accommodate broadbeam craft never materialised. 

Tuesday 9th April      Tis shall bee a staticness o’relaxtion.  With a few Barty jobs of coarse. And so it shall bee !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!

Wednesday 10th April      Weed aboat turned in Union Wharf basin aft taking advantage o’facilities on Monday and then secured Bart’s lines so today we


manage an efficient escape through the reads to a moist pleasant Aquavenue. A Splendid location two rest if e’er their weir. An unfortunate incident occurs as we is coming in t’land. Poor old Sean t’ Sheep gets hurt. As skippet bee issued wid mooring chains (buy quatermaster)  (who else silly bloggets!!) Dopey old Woolly jumbuck (who ‘ad jumped on skippet’s back) getz ‘is nethery tendrils caught in Lister’s alternator pulley belts. Knot Good !!  Lister be stopped n aft securing fore n stern lines using said mooring chains investigations do commence. Weir quite nasty. Luckily all OK. Unpleasant smells in Lister’s room. Alti hath beecum quite hot n bovered. Wiv belts slackened off, alti can be rotated and those trapped n painfully ripped tendrils dragged inta’ Alti’s body izbee caerphilly removed, bit bye straggly bit. Quite messy. One of t’ fan blades ‘av bent two. Will be left az iz. Might break if forced back. Knot wurth t’ risk. Both V-belts are looking relatively suspicious so skip takes action. New belts signed fore, handed over by that quatermaster chappie, fitted & tensioned. Dat unpleasant smell has faded so Lister bee woken up agin and tings seam OK. Positive readings from battery monitor backup positive thoughts. Will keep an eye on tings to make shore all be OK in coming daize.


Deep Breath. And Relax……  Aaaarrrggh !!!

Thursday 11th April      Today nb:Black Bart will be staying in dis fine Anchorage. Skippet be creating moor marvelous wonders wyle skip goes a’brassing. Many ‘ers later sum (knot all) external brass features Aaaarrrggh !!! Looking considerably shinier. Fore niao at least…..  In t’ crafty centre their bee moor A’May’Zing uniquely clever tea cosies & baby Easter bunnies n udder tings …..

Friday 12th April      Four miles oar so craft n crue is arm chuggen on dis day.


Passed won smelling bone factory if e’er their weir. Within half an ‘er o’ crewsings a winding hole permits Bart t’ aboat turn and retrace hour wandering passes lusciousness o’Verde. Quite sum thyme later we successfully make entree int’port. BIG Thanks t’ very helpful neighbours moving their boat our quite longly Bart manages t’ squeeze int’ fine berthing pool. Perfect !!!


1st Mate has a crazy cup’ell o’ minutes fighting her bed. And then chills.


Bed salted. Thyme to get back on dat song. “Raw Hide

Saturday 13th April      Slow trading today unfortunately. Hope fore better tomorrow…….

Sunday 14th April      Shall t’ world o’ retail be moor supportive t’ RoxyChicKnits today. Only thyme will tell……………….


Blooming cold today, just like yesterday. Knot many punters aboat. A moist disappointing few ‘ers in’deed !!

Monday 15th April      Might be an opportunity ‘ear. Two move dat bee. Lister awakens gently warming up as is quite necessary. Pool d’whirls whizzes round swishing all tings clean n fresh. Only mildly moist too, upon retrieval. Skippet hath ‘popped’ t’old postie, dispatching pressies d’picaroons. As ya do !!   Upon return crue slip d’lines n motion duth commence. Bart creaps onto service key, squeezings in behind hire boat (being refreshed ready for moor ‘oliday peoples likely). Soonly’ish we Aaaarrrggh !!!  spinning (salt’ov) (slowly) n serenely departing Union Wharf. Mayhaps fa last thyme o’nineteen. But !  Then agin !! nb:Bartholomew Robert’s make hay, so two speak. Relativety is wot we shall call diss. Aye !  Aye  !!   Cap’n   !!!    ⚓️⚓️⚓️  !!!  Aaaarrrggh  !!!  ⚓️⚓️⚓️  mennie daize later a very ty’red bunch (oar is dat ‘gaggle) o’Pyrates drop anchor in Sedgley Bay.

Tuesday 16th April      Tis a staticness o’recoveries required bye sum on board hour very homely floating vessel d’vehicular.

Wednesday 17th April      Won two enjoy. Warmth. Gently drizzled thrue skin, int’ bones. Joyessness !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!  RCK Craftings d’skills evolve from simple yarns n (left hand)  (oar weir them right hand screw ? ) threads.


Brassings d’elbow greases be slowly teazed t’moor summery shines.


Tiz a stretched oatly long sorta days. But moast pleasing such results d’end.

Thursday 18th April      Their be pirates hoo knot no when too. Udder Pyrates their bee who shirtenly do k’now. Savvy Buccaneering Marauder Cap’n Bart Ddi. Niao thee bee won duth be a’wear.  Aaaarrrggh !!!   Moor whirling whizzes kneaded t’ cleanse (almoist disinfect) dirty stained bed clothes. Quite disgusting  !!   Haven’t bean changed fore months……. Chuggens later craft n crue slide int’ Foxton Pools. “Weigh Anchor”  Cap’n Bart commands  Aaaarrrggh  !!!    Aye !  Aye !!  Cap’n !!! ”   sum wyle later  Aboat two tonnes Cap’n”  “Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!! ”   RCK trades four a stint oar too.

Good Friday 19th April      Fairly busy wiv boaters n gongoozlers on such a Fine day so shop opens f’business. Encouraging interest buoys RCKnits team with confidence. Personages appreciate t’ ideas n skill involved fore such creations !!!    A few sails (tis a boaty life) writely boosts won’s sole.

Saturday 20th April      So t’pools be left t’aft as our Bart glides forrards, chuggens all d’wey t’ Debdale wear a tightly (three ‘hundred n fifty toes ya’no) winding ‘ole tolerates Bartly tackings t’starboard. Successfully facing tuther whey, Lister, Newage n old’ prop work together agin reverse, clearing waters so t’ Foxton trip barge can swing thru a one eighty and propulsive along there returnals aqua’path. Lister n maties retrace previous strokes a mear few revolutions until a reedy anchorage (spied earlier) supplies solace.

Easter Sunday 21st April      So. Just an’udder Bloomingly Marvellous Summer’s day fore All t’ Enjoy !!   Fantastico  !!     (just a tittle Italian bambino their)  Moor staticness d’floatations give sustenance to polishingly cleansings n muchness o’ creativities……


Late aft’noon we become concerned bye a lone steer walking through t’ long grass lining canal bank opposite Bart. On the wrong side of his field’s perimeter fence. He seems t’ be trying t’ follow his chums who be wandering round in the field. Relieved he doesn’t end up in the canal and does eventually make his whey back along the canal bank, finding t’ original escape route. Mayhaps a regular excursion for him oar won of his pals. Early evening and with t’ heart o’Bart beating an e’ening crews we shall partake ov.


Monday 22nd April      May we wake up surprised, in new surroundings. Foxton ‘arbour appears most pleasant. Will try hour luck. Sea if footfall equates to a tittle RCK turnover. Sum ‘ers later. Just a tittle.


A moist pleasant e’en seas t’ Easter weekend oat.

Tuesday 23rd April      Tiz a prompt commencement o’ pyrate duties. Knot bean up suchly early in recent floating past. Bit of a shock t’ system. Cap’n like bear wid saw ‘ed aft untimely risings. Just keeping quiet n gitting on. Thyme t’ go a’lock climbing.


nb:Black Bart n crue ‘av arisen bye a knot inconsiderable amount o’ feet toes n any udder digits etc…  etc……… yee mayhaps ables t’ fink of, wiv’in less than aboat n ‘er. Fine work lads n lasses. Aaaarrrggh !!!   Indeed.  Could’knee putt it better me’self   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!    Aft l’aqua replenishment, swim on we do until just passed t’ extremely loonnngggg shadow o’ Lubenham Lodge. A well proven, moor than just acceptable berthing pool.


And friendly, moistly quiet neighbours too boot.


Sum might say quite colour characters two….

Wednesday 24th April      Slow winding up o’ crue this morn. Shirten personages will likely a tittle less itchy scratchy during t’ coming ‘ours. Oap’fully !!   A steadily positive chuggen o’ swimmings, including an almoist scary and priddy darkness o’ long ago excavations means powered vessel arrives safely at desired destination knot too late f’ lunch. If won, too oar tree is/Aaaarrrggh !!! lucky. Injuns !  Injuns  !!  I say. Quite Loudly.  Injuns !!!   from t’ world o’ Hyannis…..  Aft abundance delish Salmugundi  skip n injun chief knead t’ salt oat a problem. Hard drive, dvd player and multiple speaker sound system loaned t’ tribal clan (fore as yet unknown period o’ thyme) is knot be proper’like functionals. Sum jiggery pokey n muchly cabling magic seams t’ help. Just a tittle. Faulty hdmi lead didnee help. Process of elimination can assist on occasion. Still no luck wiv accessing huge music bank on hard drive oar remote control. Muchly head scratching aided buy liquid refreshment, oar should dat bee lubrication and increasingly stressful thoughts cross minds. Suddenly !!  All Works  !!!   Aaaarrrggh  !!!  !!!   We appear two ‘av ‘ad sum salt ov onerous interference &/oar crossed signal from a lead linking t’ hard drive/dvd player t’ base box/speaker control unit. With full remote control at wons finger tips two. Let thee Fun commence…..  Thyme t’ Play sum Music. Fantastic Sound !!  Why oh Why iz this bean loaned oat. We mayhaps will ne’er no. Foo’ells !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!   Enjoy t’ resonating reverberations injuns !!!

Thursday 25th April      Their is a knead t’swim these Leicester ripples. Goodbye injun chumlies. Likely sea yow agin……  South be t’ heading. Such a coarse shall suit Cap’n Black Bart n ‘is many legged Crue Aaaarrrggh !!!  A moist agreeably satisfying


glide through absolutely charming countryside adorned with luscious green flora, prickly hedgerows, cropped fields, strangely tall gangerley critters, sheep, tittle playfully bouncy gambolling lambs (no pics available at thyme o’ going t’ press),


Gorgeous bovines of all shapes n sizes and F’aaaarrrggh !!!  two many udder tings t’ remember. Specially wiv such a memory. A fair few leagues float on bye when finally Elkington shallows provide soothing calmness f’ any personages oar Pyrates tinking they be suffering from any possible hints o’ stress. Don’t knead non o’ dat niao do we.

Friday 26th April      Fore continuance in momentum d’floatation shall their be. Forward passed many an old’s haunt oar two. Mayhaps e’en tree. Agin. nb:Bartholomew Robert’s slides along, cutting through almoist hazy blue green aqua. Tis aft’noon when Crick Anchorage appears through t’ murky clag. Salmagundi a’plenty n knot inconsiderable lashings o’grog be shared amongst many a’pyrate joined fore won last hurrah. Fore niao anyhow. Grog oar no grog, Lister be thrusting our Bart’s bow through l’aqua, wear t’ rest will follow. Thow’s stern being t’ last. Tiz aft ya’no. Darkness descends (we be in summit called a tunnel) fore quite sum thyme.


Murky light brightens up hour day soon enough though n travellings we Aaaarrrggh !!! All t’ whey two a steeply inclined descent. Nigh similar t’ dose Foxton watering falls, Butt Oh S’oh different in a number of various manners. Swiftly manoeuvred, craft n crue negotiate t’ encourageable whirly swirling cascade. Wot !  FUN !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!   It bee necessary t’ discover a safe haven fore a night oar two. Hanna is bee on ‘er way……..

Saturday 27th April      Storm hath come in with avengance……..  Hunker down we shall. Infact. Hunker down we Do indeed.

Sunday 28th April      So. Motion We Must. No !  Knot Our motions !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!   (nun o’ you’re business bloggets) (keap dose Big hairy nostrils oat ov it maties !! )  We conversing aboat nb:Black Bart’s forrard motions. Them wins created bye d’magic o’ olde Lister and muchly younger chumlies. Hour (slowly) powered vehicular homestead aqua’glides, leaving thee Haven d’Welton two aft. Soonly’ish a tightly tack t’ starboard swings three hundred n fifty toes o’ metal round Norton Junction. We positively steam through pleasantly wide waters bee’fore plundering int’ darkness a’plenty o’ wobberling stoney sides n curvey above. Quite sum ‘ers and a few minutes moor, of which we may ne’er bee shore, Mr/Mrs Sun blasts back int’ our day. Splendid !!  Thyme t’slide down thee hex o’ wet swirlings stepping down to ‘istoricals Braunston. Lister n maties partakes a rest wyle crue bee off scavangings fa boaty bits, aft luncheon be munchied. An e’ening crews shall bee a perfick end fa this daize swim’athon.

Monday 29th April      Muchly Barty jobs shall be a workings. Hull scrubbing above aqua. Interior sternly brassings. Varnish applications t’ newly crafted walking stick. Craftings a’plenty. Two name butt a few. Wear duz thee thyme go when won, too oar (occasionally) three Aaaarrrggh !!!  like bizzy tittle bee like critters. A moist satisfying day.

Tuesday 30th April      Their will always bee a knead t’ float along with an aqua’flow in dis ‘ear Bart World. Just on occasion. All d’ whey two and spinning round Wigrams Turn which bee pushing hour craft too’words chambers d’Calcutt. Thrice a descensions.


A moist horizontal relaxing aqua’slicings gently pulls thee vessel we call Bart


silently by many a fine sign o’ life. Forrard’s all t’ whey t’ very top o’ Big Aquelevator. A full flow o’ ten Big downwardly flowings. Thee finely tuned machine ov a team efficiently negotiates Stockton waterfalls. Knot e’en bovered bye a substantial delay,


bobbing aboat in second pound down.


Canal and River Trust engineers attempting to lift and resecure a damaged upper gate on forth lock. Eventually they invite craft n crue to slide thrue tird lock, having had to give up on there efforts and refilled t’ lock pound. Their bee a knead f’ heavy lifting equipment to bee salt. Gate will be OK with caerphilly boaters like us passing thru. A fine berthing anchorage in Long Itchington appears upon completion o’ t’daize lowerings. Aft a few deep breaths, liquid refreshment and salmagundi pie, wiv side order, slide down extremely enjoyably.

Wednesday 1st May      We is making up a hole half of a narrowboat convoy f’ crewsing moor aqua’chambers. nb:Black Bart, meet a new chum, nb:Krystyna. Crues met last night in local grog house “2 Boats”. Fine establishment if e’er their weir. A rarety in dis wet world we live in. Sharing these almoist mythical machines, that is. Lifting n lowering Big Heavy steel lumps as if they bee feathers. Quite astonishing creations they shirtenly Aaaarrrggh !!!   marvels of our waterscape. Convoy o’too savours the delightful spread nature o’ gentile ‘falls’ n horizontal stretches in’between. Thyme just softly breezes bye as we appreciate Good company and like minded boatings. Sanctuary o’ Leamington Bay, joined thee new boaty chummlies (Fine craft dis vessel d’Krystyna) fore a tittle grog n snackles be enjoyed wiv Fruity brown sauce chucked all o’er. Lovely Stuff !!  A grand day i’tweir !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!   


Thursday 2nd May      Thee delights o’Leamington Spa slowly drift a’wey too’words a horizon d’aft.


We maintain yester’daize Fine ensemble fore a short swimmings.


Knot e’en an extraordinarily wide ‘ole o’darkness cannee stop us in our strokings today. Know Sir’ee, Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!   Dat strangely boat still be followings nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722  two !!  Knot quite shore we is knottings.


A double ascension o’ Hope d’Cape flowings lifts crafts n cruise as F’aaaarrrggh !!! up as is likely bee’fore tonight’s darkness falls all around. Swimmingly, hour fleet o’ boaties is bee leaving locks t’aft………

P1040416Tiz butt a shortening o’ thyme bee’fore we almoist twins swingingly tack t’ port & slide extremely gentile likely int’ waters o’ Warwick’s famous Arm d’Saltisford.


A Magnificent anchorage if e’er their bee. Moor grog n snackles agin, on hour boatly chummlies craft two’night. Agin !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!

Friday 3rd May      Four we d’crue o’ thee Very Famous Welsh Pyrate Cap’c Barti Ddu do knead t’ leave there Fine Vessel d’floatation anchored (2 tonnes) (just incase you lot o’ bloggets ‘ad fore’gottin) int’ Saltisford ‘arbour. Sea Ya All agin Soonlies !  Bloggetts !! ‘Oap’fully !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Thursday 9th May      Their we Aaaarrrggh !!!  Back in t’ World o’ Bart agin. Shirtenly bean a Fantast’eak few daize of Mad Busy wheel d’four traversings All O’er d’ plaice. A Land based adventure if thee truth bee noan. Butt (itchy left cheek) t’ sea we duth return, to sail wid a Fear’sumly Famous Pyrate “Bartholomew Roberts” He dat bee t’ write scary Sailer bloke known as “Cap’n Black Bart” Aaaarrrggh !!!   Anyhow’s ‘ear we go……   Lister fired up n chuggen slowly, t’ warm through thee old cockles. Lines slipped. Yo Heave Ho !!  Aye !  Aye !!  Cap’n !!!  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!    Hour finely vessel caerphilly propulses oat & a’whey from Saltisford Bay, almoist flying o’er rather than down t’ Cape o’ Good Hope’s double descendants.


While d’ pussy kat (knot in dis case) bee a’whey thee mices tend to play. And then chill wiv sum cheeeese. We like cheeeese !!  Yummy !  Yummlies in hour tummlies !!!


Soooo Spooky !!  Don’t e’en cast a shadow. E’en moor un’becalming. Their be no sign ov any aqua’reflection.




strange colourful

critterly wonders

swirl up from moist

darkly depths o’ t’ sea

‘aving stollen wonderous treasures

from deep n’ere thee earth’s golden crust.


On we must swim………..

Quartermaster kneads t’ be kept quiet so int’ Leamington Port we duth slide four porpoises d’ acquisitions. Aft’sum considerable thyme o’Bartering we is on wons wey, gliding oat o’ d’port n hunting down sufficient aqua to permit anchor fore d’night o’ snoozles……

Friday 10th May      F’Aaaarrrggh !!!  two many chambers d’ lock climbing splayed ahead o’ craft n crue. Radford Semele being write at thee very feet ov dis ascensions. Slowly slowly catch ee monkey. Furlongs, leagues & rolling hills a’plenty creep leisurely bye.


Fore ‘ers o’ travellings all mixed up wiv a hole number o’ ten Big Fat aqua’lifts d’vertigo. Midday thyme so we is statifying hour floating home at Long (right cheek) Itching’bum. Just a wee wyle. Breakfast first. Up n off early this morn. Knead to make up fore lost opportunities earlier. Brunch soon follows. And aft lunch has bean served n munched, we pyrates Aaaarrrggh !!!  f’lup. Tummlies knot shore they knead t’ rumble any’moor. “Sale-on” bee t’ command from Skip. U’ever dat fella might oar might’knot bee.


An’udder dec’limb o’ broad aquelevators. Coming thick n fast dis thyme. Dealt wiv moist efficiently. Tis All relative in a slowly salt o’ whey. Within knot muchly moor than too ‘ers we is letting Lister lie fore a nightly rest. Crue two. Oar was that tree oar fore ?  Mathematicals weir never hour moist strongest o’ decimal points.

Saturday 11th May      Silly foo’ell has we pyrates up (knot) bright n early. Agin. No moor climbings today. Thankfully. Oh !  Sorry !!  Fore’gitten. Tis butt a few furlongs n Calcutt’s trio ascensions appears oat o’ the blindingly glaring sunshines. Knot to worry. Climbing companions Aaaarrrggh !!!  ‘ear to assist. Al’wheys Good t’ share. Ov dat bee know doubtings. Fastly swam & weir off swishing d’orizontals to thee


old boatings plaice ‘istorically called Wigrams Turn. Thee unknowns tend to call this junction ‘Napton’. We shall refrain. ‘av t’ ‘old up t’ olde traditionals. Skip brings tings to a slow juncture, allowing passing craft to whizz on bye.


Niao nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 can re’engage & propulsion we ‘av. Forrard !  Forrards !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!


Watch Out. Watch Out. Their bee a Timothy West aboat. Hold onto you’re ‘orses. Putt down ya fenders & hold on tight. To remind all n sundry. NO !  This is KNOT a ‘contact sport’ as sum ‘people’ seam tink !!   Safely threw our Bart Makes Haste…….. Forrards propulsion o’ at least three leagues oar mayhaps e’en moor, until a moist suitable bay d’anchorage appears through d’mist n murkiness. A relaxed Pru smiles and waves back when crewsing bye later dat aft’noon. Deep breath !!!  Sow’Kay !!  Mr. T. W. Helmsman hath bean re’plaiced and bee no’wear to be sea’n.

Sunday 12th May      Staticness shall be enjoyed n luxuriated o’er. Tiz a fine day maid e’en better when thee Good Ship ‘Que Sera Sera’ n her pyratey crue arrive in port n share Anchorage n lashings o’ muchly kneaded Fruity brown sauce with salma’barby. Just with a drop oar too o’grog dribbled on top. Gorgeousness !!! Fantast’eak sea’ing long lost olde pyrate chumlies agin !!!  Aaaarrrggh !!! !!!

Monday 13th May      Much kneaded slumbering be gentile awaikenings fore all pyrates concerned. Visiting ‘arbour Meister extraudinair conjures up a Magnificent Feast d’ salma’brunchi wid all kinds o’ scrumptiounesses ! Slides down Beautifully !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!   Aft’ chilling inta sun, thymes dictate their bee very moistly sad good’buys. Till an’udder day. When we do knot yet k’no. Wheel meet agin. Sum thyme inda future……


We is bean anchored opposite a pair of very vocal Warblers. Knot shore exactly which particular type of Warbler though. Possibly Willow, Reed, Garden oar Sykes Warbler. Mayhaps summit completely different. Who knows. We is knot be shore !!

Tuesday 14th May      Their bee moor pyrates incoming. Smoke signals received daize ago gave t’game a’whey. Jungle drums weir herd from o’er them their ‘ills n (Welsh?) Vall’ez !   Thee aptly named craft ‘Impulse’ n ‘er crue o’too land in port. Aft hugs n chittie chatties, muchly later, yummlies d’Salmagun’ribs goes down smoothly wiv t’usual fruities mixed just wid a splash o’ grog.

Wednesday 15th May      We duth dea’part deaze almoist slovenly meanderings o’recent weaks n moor. Chuggens two thee Big Olde Smoke iz poss’eab on them cards. Aft cuppell o’jobs it be a sorrowfully regretful Ciao fore niao. Arrivederci hour boaty pyrate chumlies. Sea ya agin…….

Mayhaps sea yow tittle bloggets later. Only thyme will tell.

Yee might cat’ch up wid us sumwear, sumthyme, sumhow…….

2 thoughts on “#65 Meanderings to weir we duth knot k’no !! Aaaarrrggh !!! April/May 2019

  1. Enjoy wherever thee may go
    But remember to take it slow
    To rush would be a sin
    Why not stop and have a gin (or two)

    Catch up soon
    Crew of Nb Joy Louise x

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